If you're considering committing the time required to Runescape

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While the armor sets described earlier are extremely useful, should you wish you could find other options to look into. They also apply to RS Gold the melee and ranged modes of attack, and magic. We recommend looking for Bandos or Armadyl Subjugation armors from the first God Wars Dungeon. In order to get Bandos armor, this is what you must do:

Destroy General Graardor and his bodyguards in his God Wars Dungeon. Get it back when they have dropped it after death. Increase your level until you reach level 65 defense. Armadyl armor is superb for ranged players . It can be acquired in the same manner: defeat General Kree'arra, along with his three minions. Get the armor after the death of their leader. Upgrade ranges to levels 70. Increase defense until level 70.

Last but not least, Subjugation armor is an exceptional set for magical (prayer) gamer. It will require a fight with another boss to acquire it, but if you've been slaying within the God Wars Dungeon already, it should be an easy task Take on K'ril Tsutsaroth and his bodyguards at the God Wars Dungeon. Pick up the armor set once you've killed them. Up your defense to level 70.

If you're considering committing the time required to Runescape it's possible that you're drawn to purchase an account. Here's everything you should be aware of about the membership fees offered by Runescape. Runescape has transformed into a formidable MMOPRG from its Miniclip origins, expanding the game's story and gameplay in a massive way. While the beloved game from Jagex can be played for no cost, there are a lot of rewards to be found by buy cheap osrs accounts  joining a subscription.